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Our story

In 2004 Matus returns home from Montreal's Ubisoft, decided to establish his own company. Today, we are a team of thirty people based in Kosice, Slovakia. Our know how from games, mixed reality and artificial intelligence go hand in hand with creativity and passion for developing technology. We are not only imagining the future, we create it.

We are creating games & mixed reality experiences. It's like making magic happen.

Video Game

The Mandate

Are you the captain we need?
Imagine galactic empire on the verge of collapse. You play the captain. You take care of your crew that operates and runs your ship, home for all of you, following you on your adventure through the galaxy.

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Serious Educational Game

What Will the World be Like?

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! The Propulsion Tour shows college kids the world of tommorrow with all the great challenges in an industrial city, involving mobility, energy, environment, communication or transport. The game even prepares children for future jobs. Propulsion Tour is an innovative educational activity by French Ministry of Education with the goal to present technology and business in fun and original way.

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Mixed Reality

Innovative Brand Promotion at Events

Why? Because interactivity engages audience! Michelin represented its brand using interactive mixed reality game at the largest exhibition in Paris dedicated to the latest cars and technologies.

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Mixed Reality

1st Mixed Reality Installation in Zoo

Yes, the world’s first mixed reality experience of dinosaurs in Zoo. Artificial intelligence makes the difference when it comes to the interactivity. The raptors react to its environment including the visitors and develop their own behavior. Find them in Bordeaux!

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Mixed Reality

Penguins in Your Shopping Centre?

For shopping centers & other public spaces which want to attract families, Penguins Adventure is a mixed reality immersive experience that engages kids to play.

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Players, programmers, designers, technology enthusiasts, creatives. Talents and industry veterans with +500 years of collective game design experience with + 50 different games co-worked on and + 100 million copies sold worldwide from 7 countries.

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