Bringing 3D characters to life in mixed reality since 2010.

Making virtual 3D teleportation possible.

Tech and creative / MATSUKO is a creative technology studio with know-how in video games, mixed reality and artificial intelligence. In the last 7 years, we have created custom-built interactive and immersive experiences for clients like Ubisoft, Michelin, Microsoft, Roche, Novartis and Hamleys among others.

Innovative / We have developed world’s first augmented reality Zoo experience and we are the creators of the world’s first glasses-free interactive experience.

Big vision / We are working on virtual 3D teleportation. We want to change how we communicate remotely and how we capture memories. It's like making magic happen.

Expertise / We are experts from the video game industry, machine learning and mixed reality.

Mixed reality is predicted to be the 4th wave of tech after PCs, broadband internet and smartphones and we are part of it.

Virtual 3D teleportation
Imagine that you can interact remotely with your kid or colleague in 3D as living holograms and seeing them in their full presence in your physical space, just like in the Starwars.

Virtual 3D teleportation is the next step in the evolution of human communication. What is the secret sauce? We can make it possible with one camera using convolutional neural networks.

Startup World Cup

We won 3rd place @Startup World Cup regionals in Prague among more than 330 startups.

World's first glasses-free interactive mixed reality.
Virtual robots with holographic bodies who engage humans,

Virtual robots with holographic bodies.

Think of them as of smart robots
without the physical complications of having a body.

Smart robots without the physical complications of having a body.

Our mixed reality penguin
entertaining visitors in Hamleys.

Our mixed reality penguin entertaining visitors in Hamleys.

World's 1st Mixed Reality Installation in Zoo.
The virtual dinosaurs are armed with artificial intelligence and interact with their environment.

1st Mixed Reality Installation in Zoo.

Innovative Brand Promotion at Events.
Interactivity engages audience! Michelin represented its brand using interactive mixed reality game at Autosalon in Paris.

Mixed reality installation for Michelin at Autosalon in Paris.

Videomapping for Michelin.
With a 3D perspective and attractive animations we can bring life to the objects and showcase its components in a new way.

Videomapping for Michelin - with a 3D perspective and attractive animations.

Serious 3D Educational Game for the French Ministry of Education.
Showing college kids the world of tomorrow.

Educational Game for the French Ministry of Education.

We are players, programmers, designers, technology enthusiasts, creatives.

Talents and industry veterans with +500 years of collective game design experience with + 50 different games co-worked on and + 100 million copies sold worldwide.

Maria and Matus

Matus is a game-industry veteran who worked on several AAA titles as a technical lead, for example Assassins Creed, Farcry, Watch dogs and started MATSUKO in 2010 with the goal to apply the technology from games in AR business applications. Maria joined MATSUKO in 2015 as a machine learning researcher who was previously working in academia experimenting within the field of human-robot interaction.

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