Holographic Robots

Our smart companions are virtual robots with holographic bodies who engage your customers as shop assistants, building receptionists and museum guides.

AR/VR is disrupting industries
Augmented and Virtual Reality are predicted to be the 4th wave of tech, after PCs, broadband internet and smartphones. This technology will reshape how businesses operate and how they interact with customers. Regardless of the sector, a common pattern is emerging – the consumer experience needs to be unique, customer-centric and personalized, and it will be provided by robots:

The retail store of the future
The shop assistant will talk to me to find out what I’m interested in, show me relevant online information like product specs or what other customers are saying about the product and play a how-to video.

The smart office of the future
The receptionist will know my calendar and my colleagues’ schedules, suggest the best workplace for today and will be my omnipresent interface to building services like ordering coffee or printer paper.

The museum of the future
My personal tour guide will point out the most interesting facts about every exhibit, answer my questions, play relevant videos for me and let me compete with my friends in fun quizzes throughout my visit.

Stores, offices and museums are being re-imagined for the digital consumer with our virtual shop assistants, receptionists and museum guides. Think of them as of smart robots without the physical complications of having a body.

See our YouTube channel for more videos on holographic robots and our past mixed-reality projects.

MATSUKO is uniquely positioned
The video game industry has been consistently combining a unique set of technologies for the past two decades: 3D programming, Artificial Intelligence and interactivity. MATSUKO is successfully applying know-how from video games in commercial and educational mixed reality installations - Michelin represented its brand using an interactive mixed reality game at the Paris Motorshow and we have created the world’s 1st mixed reality dinosaur experience at the Bordeaux Zoo.

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